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My Top Five Games & Toys Review


1. K’Nex

This big general K’Nex box of parts supplement another general set and several “Maker” sets that are for specific projects. I liked to build projects, but the results were often so beautiful and used so many pieces that I had to dismantle them to provide enough pieces for the next project. There are instructions for several projects included in the box with this set and plenty of pieces. The difference in the instructions with this set and the others is that in the Maker sets, the instructions are laid out in steps, and with each step, there is a parts count for the step. This provides a more efficient building process than looking at the diagram, retrieving the necessary parts, then discovering while building that we really needed, say, 5 yellow stars, not three.

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2.LEGO plane robot

Most kids like making planes, jets, and anything that can fly. They can let their imagination go with these toys and they never get tired of them. I was ecstatic to get to build a fighter jet, robot, and truck from one set of legos. The creator series have great pieces that I can interchange and use my imagination to build with when I want something different. And I would buy it again.

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3.Wii Sports

Great Wii game for young and old! Keeps kids entertained and moving. Don’t feel like going bowling…well, Wii Bowl. Don’t feel like going outside and playing tennis at 90 degrees weather…well Wii Tennis…Don’t know how to play baseball…well Wii baseball. And…if you don’t feel like participating, you can be a Wii spectator and watch everyone else! Have had this game for more than four years and no complaints!

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4.Wii Star wars

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga has so much going for it. It’s an incredibly fun game for a fraction of a regular Wii game price. It combines the Lego and Star Wars franchises, two of the most popular amongst boys. It combines the fun action of Star Wars and the creativity of Lego. Best of all, it’s absolutely hilarious. Unlike most Star Wars games, which are obsessed with continuity, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is refreshingly irreverent. There are moments in the game when you spot characters doing something totally, well, out of character. On Tantive IV, for example, two Stormtroopers in the bathing suits lounge in one of the escape pods. In the “level select” area of the cantina, you can start a brawl. Best of all, you can buy over 100 more characters and use them on levels. These include not just Vader and Han Solo, but the Gonk droid and Droideka! Imagine replaying the entire Star Wars saga as an Ewok! The possibilities are endless.

Overall, this is an extremely fun game for both kids and adults, Star Wars and Lego fans.

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5.Wii Batman

The game never gets old and some of the puzzles are really challenging to figure out. The different suits the characters can equip themselves with keeps things interesting as do all the vehicles that can be driven. The game is fun solo but more so with another person and teamwork is a really important part of solving some of the puzzles as Batman and Robin get different suits. My minor quibbles are some puzzles to hard to figure out and in some areas the jumping required is maddening (having to jump on an ice-covered platform you slide off). Also not a fan of save points but that can’t be helped in a console game I guess. Overall I highly recommend this game.

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Submitted By: Hardik Vatsa


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